EASY APPLY TAX FILINGS is an accounting and tax services firm that offers you a team of experienced tax professionals that will help you get your request right the first time.

Our firm provices custom tailored services such as Tax Returns, Tax Extensions and Bookkeeping for a wide variety of business of all sizes

We also help starting businesses with obtaining a Federal Employment Identification Number.

While you can apply for an EIN for free directly with the IRS, many people find their system complicated, with instructions that are written for accountants, and not the average person. For these reasons, many applications are submitted with wrong or conflicting information, causing requests to be either delayed or declined.

When you apply with our firm, not only you get a simplified questionnaire with easy to understand instructions, but your request is physically reviewed by a professional before submission. If we find any wrong or conflicting information, we will contact you in order to sort it out before submitting it.

If the IRS can not assign you an EIN immediately because of any errors, mistakes, or if it indicates that you have any IRS pending matters or conflicts, our specialists will deal with the IRS on your behalf, so that you won’t have to waste countless hours on the phone with them.

Our service eliminates the process of reading through endless, hard to find complicated instructions, and eliminates the necessity of being on hold on the phone for hours with the IRS to find answers to common questions.

Think of it as filing your tax return. While you may download IRS forms and fill them out yourself, most Americans rather have the help of an accountant or prefer to use a software application in order to make sure all information is submitted correctly, thus avoiding costly mistakes.

What’s the difference between a Tax ID and an EIN Number?

Federal Tax ID Number and Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN, or FEIN) are the same thing. Some states do issue State Tax ID Numbers, but that is a different registration, at the state level, for a different purpose.

Do I need a Social Security Number to apply for an EIN?

In order to request an EIN, the Responsible Party of an entity needs either a Social Security Number or an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number – a tax number issued by the IRS to some foreigners who don’t qualify for a Social Security Number. Not all foreigners qualify for an ITIN though). If you don’t have an SSN or an ITIN, you could nominate another Responsible Party for the entity, such as an accountant or an attorney, or use a corporation as the Responsible Party.

How long will it take to receive my EIN number?

It depends on the delivery method your choose, which may range from 3 business days up to just 60 minutes. When you choose Express Delivery and apply during operating hours, which are Monday through Friday, from 9am to 6:30pm, Eastern Time, and if there are no errors, conflicts or pending matters in your request, you receive your new E.I.N. in less than 60 minutes.

** Application errors, mistakes, conflicts or pending matters with the IRS could delay the process and may require additional information from you. **

When do I need an E.I.N / TAX ID?

You need an EIN if you:

  • Have hired, or plan to hire employees
  • Need to open a business bank account
  • Need to file Business Tax Returns
  • You business needs to comply with State and Federal regulations

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