About Us


Easy Apply Fillings is a private accounting and tax service firm. We provide services such as tax return preparation, tax extensions filings,  ITIN numbers requests and EIN / Tax ID numbers for businesses and other types of entities. Our services also includes interacting with the Internal Revenue Service as a Third Party Designee on behalf of our customers.

Our firm provices custom tailored services such as Tax Returns, Tax Extensions and Bookkeeping for a wide variety of business of all sizes

We also help starting businesses with obtaining a Federal Employment Identification Number.

Out team experienced tax professionals also provides revisions of all forms and questionnaires before submitting them to the IRS in order to make sure everything looks correct, therefore avoiding costly common mistakes.

To date our firm has helped tens of thousands of business in obtaining Tax Ids and related filings with the IRS.

Easy Apply is a Level 3 PCI Compliant and values information security above all else. All sensitive information is protected by a bank / military grade AES 256 database encryption. Connection is protected by a 256 Bit SSL advanced encryption technology. This website is Certified Secure by McAFEE against credit card fraud, identity theft, phishing, malware and malicious links. Privacy is verified by TRUST GUARD. Easy Apply Tax Filings does not store any personal financial information. Customers also automatically receive a $100,000 Shopper Identity Protection from TrustedSite.